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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.

Working in retail is by no means easy and now the Christmas season is upon us no end seems in sight. I spent this weekend trying to stay as chilled out as possible. Friday I spent the evening at a fabulous Burlesque event at The Swan and two Necks courtesy of the lovely Simon and Charlotte Lock who spent quite the considerable penny on making this evening one to remember. I was truly amazed! On entering the pub, no old men already sozzled and stinking of fags but an exquisite decadent Moulin Rouge interior. I set up my stand in the back room with the other vintage traders who all seemed generally enthusiastic and happy to be part of such an amazing evening. Next came the dancers..I urge you too see these ladies...Cherryfox (my god this girl can sing), Kitty Kimono and Suzie Sequin,  cocktail cupcakes (tres amaze) and fashion show which went down a treat as did the odd beer or two. Some peeps really made the effort for the evening and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a cool of which isn't really found in the area. 

I also managed to pick up these amazing vintage glasses in the traders area what do you think? 

I look almost intelligent!