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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Soo my fellow bloggers how was your Christmas? What did you get? I had a wonderful time, just me and my partner this year and we started the day with Champers, Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs...I made these even more luxurious by adding double cream. Delicious and a fantastic start to the day.  


My new camera for blogging! Yes I know most professionals use a Cannon but I need something that is good and not too bulky for everyday use. Plus the benefits of having a professional cameraman as a boyfriend, I have access to the best cameras whenever I like.

All the Clarins. In desperate need of the beauty balm after the cold weather and indulgences this winter. 

Spent most of yesterday playing XBOX games...this was soo much fun! Especially after a few glasses of fizz.

Anyone who is a frequent visitor of our house knows what fun we have at mini torments! And now season two has arrived!

My cat Inca going crazy over the Smoked Salmon.

These books are amazing..., I am feeling so inspired. Next year my blogging posts are going to be 'out there'.  

I made a ginger glazed ham this year thanks to a recipe from Nigella it was truly divine accompanied by  maple syrup parsnips and minty peas. The following hours were spent in a a haze of merriment and  the predictable family calls (always a pleasure of course). I'm so looking forward to an amazing 2013!

Have a great Christmas guys!!!!