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Monday, 10 June 2013

Instagram 10/06/13

From L to R: Superman Converse, Very Outfits, BBQ, Which Condiment?, A Country Walk, Art deco, Summertime Reading, The Queens Hotel, Lytham, Summertime

Monday, 26 November 2012

Pin Cushion

I'm pretty new to the land of technology so I guess some of my newbie Instragram piccies will only get better so I apologise now if they are a little lame.

Last week I spent ages charity shop hunting for some bits of vintage jewellery to add to my ever expanding collection. I'm obsessed with pearls but finding ones that are long enough and that don't snap within a day are quite the rare find. These beauties I found in a local Barnardos near my folks at the reasonable price of £13 and so far so good. They look so beautifully old fashioned and complement my mood ring perfectly.

What do you think of my pins? I love how they tell a story. Can't recommend the Lytham branch of Barnardos enough and their wonderfully hard working staff whom wrapped everything up so lovingly for me, the shop was chock a block full of vintage gems. Everything is so rummage-able, something that is often missing in the new breed of charity shops. I also managed to buy a stunning black lace dress and winter jacket from the very plush J.R.Taylors  (second hand of course) which I'll post up later.

I feel very much like Mrs Taylor today who famously as quoted in Richards diary when asked what she was doing 'playing with my diamonds darling'. x