Monday, 12 November 2012

The Girl from Jupiter

I think I was always a bit of a dork/freak/outsider at school. Always into history and perpetually drifting off into a dream like state thinking of exotic travel locations, amazing fashion finds (which when growing up mostly tended to be fashion faux pars) and so forth. Never actually completing anything...too much in a rush, brain never stopping. Maybe I needed to live in a simpler time...I watched Moonrise Kingdom last night and felt a kingship with leading lady Susy Bishop. She runs away, has a tendency to snap, feels misunderstood, likes to read, has a pet kitten and wears really cool blue eyeshadow.

It was 1965-peter pan collars, pastel dresses, knee high socks, kohl and freckles....

So I tried out a Suzy...I think it made my eyes pop I even made a tribute to Sam with my faux fur hat...

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