About me....

Hi everyone, 

My name is Connie I'm in my 20's. I am a Full Time Charity Shop Manager (that specialises in vintage and retro) in Cheshire and live with my husband and two cats. 

I heart: anything/everything vintage, rollerblading, milkshakes, champagne, black and white movies, glam rock, Paris, Autumnal walks, Buenos Aires, flea markets, the crime and investigation channel, Friday nights with ebay and a glass of wine, Tears for Fears, David Bowie, Margaritas, the occasional Marlboro Light, River Phoenix, Winona Ryder, Tokyo street style, Pies, Belgian Beer, Nirvana, Old school rock, turquoise seas, fur coats, cocktails, me time with a new magazine and a chai latte, The Collector, The Secret History, Bill Hicks, Guerlain, Judy Garland, Burlesque, ZZ Top, Antwerp, Glamping holidays underneath the stars, The Russian and French Revolutions, The Killing, The Bridge, St Petersburg, Scandinavia, Charity Shops, Making my own pizza toppings, Daydreaming, the cold side of a pillow, bubble baths with my pjs waiting on the radiator, cuddles, cooking, Morning mist, snow, Afternoon tea, Cornwall, Dive pubs, Belly laughing with friends, Lock ins, Pimms, Mulled Wine, Carrie Bradshaw, Two and a half Men, Bjork, Italy, Tapas, F1....

One day I'll have my own vintage shop that houses a cocktail bar and retro beauty salon and I shall travel around the world to find the best retro goodies. 

Rock On


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