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Sunday, 23 December 2012


Who doesn't like a comedy? In England, specifically the North of the UK we like our humour a little darker and a little bit more local. I recently started re watching  'Psychoville' as first shown on our shores in 2009. How do I describe this show?  Here is a brief description:

'The series revolves around five different characters from different parts of England: David Sowerbutts (played by Pemberton), a serial killer-obsessed man-child who still lives with his mother Maureen (Shearsmith); Mr. Jelly (Shearsmith), an embittered one-handed children's entertainer; Oscar Lomax (Pemberton), a blind millionaire who collects stuffed toy animals; Joy Aston (French), a midwife who treats a practice doll as if it is her real child; and Robert Greenspan (Tompkins), a panto dwarf in love with his Snow White who believes he has the power of telekinesis. All five are connected by a mysterious blackmailer who has sent them a letter each with the message: "I know what you did". The series is named after the title given to The League of Gentlemenwhen the series was sold to Japan and Korea.[3]'

On second viewing...(this is a show you can always watch more than once) the characters have become my new style icons. 

Maureen Sowerbutts: The Pastel Queen. Mix shades of peppermint and salmon with winter florals and the odd broach or two.

Mr Jelly: Alice in Wonderland rip off and I'm sure the inspiration behind Meadham Kirchhoff's fantasy inspired designs. Polka dots, face painting kit, stars and stripes and lashings of tartan. 

Oscar Lomax: Millionaire Fashion Extraordinaire! Velvet Blazers, Large Sunglasses, Masculine Tailoring.  

I don't know who to choose....but I do know I have my makeup kit at the ready.