Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Hour is on Bel

British dramas seem to be having a bit of a revolution of late. I have a feeling this is because there is definitely  a whiff of vintage in the air. My current style icon is the lovely Bel Rowley played by Romala Garai. Her style is practical, functional, elegant and easily achievable. One could wear her pieces to the office and not be out of place at a cocktail bar after work. Bel's one pieces and suits are always of bold primary colours. Blue suits with canary Yellow shirts, Green and Red fitted dresses always nipped in at the waist to create a classic feminine enhancing silhouette.  She dresses in a way that makes/helps her to appear confident. Her accessories team together to pull her outfits into a 'complete' look simple pins and broaches, printed style head scarfs and classic berets but they also add an element of playfulness and fun as well as staying true to her classic status.

Today Roland Mouret would be her one stop designer and thrift stores are where she would lay her hands on vintage accessories. She would need a good set of rollers, Elnett and a classic red lipstick. 

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